#clayrtons – Madam Pink

DIY Madam Pink

L’Atelier du Fleuriste by Clayrton’s makes you discover its new special Valentine’s day DIY.

A nice mariage between Kyra paper and ‘Pandore’ gift box

Making time : less than 10 minutes

#clayrtons – Winter star

DIY Winter star

L’Atelier du Fleuriste by Clayrton’s suggests you this DIY, perfect for the festive season.

The association of kraft paper and fiber will enhance your arrangements !

Time spent: 10 minutes

#clayrtons – Fall vibes

DIY fall vibes

L’atelier du fleuriste by Clayrton’s suggests a very easy DIY. A Pandore hat box, manchette and a piece of kraft paper, and it’s done !

Have fun matching the colours.

Making time : less than 5 minutes.

#clayrtons – Kyra

L’atelier du fleuriste by Clayrton’s offers you this DIY which is very easy to make. You will discover our packaging Kyra with autumn colours.

#clayrtons – Dream catcher

Ideal decoration for weddings,  L’Atelier du Fleuriste by Clayrton’s invites to create a floral hoop. Trendy and elegant, you can even mix various material to make your art work even more special.

#clayrtons – Dolce Mamma

The florist’s workshop offers a refined packaging, perfect for Mother’s Day.

Creation time : 5 minutes

#clayrtons – Hatching

DIY - Eclosion

The florist’s workshop by Clayrton’s offers you a special Easter package, with tissue paper and opaline.
Have fun changing the colors!

#clayrtons – Rapid’eau

Learn how to use our must-have solution for water supplies. Simple, easy of use, it guarantees the stability of the bouquets. Available in 6 sizes.
Patented system

#clayrtons – Cones & Roses

All year long the florist needs to pack individual roses.
Compose your cases with fancy kraft in various colors. In full rush of Valentine’s Day, make them in advance, they fit together to optimize the place.

#clayrtons – Swiss Cotton

The Florist’s workshop by Clayrton’s offers an elegant and light bohemian packaging for the summer, with natural kraft paper and transparent polypro Swiss Cotton.