Bloomflowers flower shop is located in the heart of the city centre in Warsaw and already has their own history for 6 years. The main idea behind Bloomflowers flower shop is to create a unique and ideal bouquet composition individually for each client that will help meet their wishes and expectations. Each bouquet made with careful passion work by professional experienced florists which brings more value to it.

Valentine’s Day 2022

This year, lovers are going for a romantic country walk. The soft tones of the wild flowers are combined with red, the symbol of eternal love.

Easter 2022

A simple return to childhood. Powdery and natural colours, synonymous with tenderness and purity, accompanied by delicate and fine patterns.

Mother’s Day 2022

A refreshing atmosphere with light tones referring to the past. Woody scents call up our memories like a Proust’s madeleine.

Lily of the Valley 2022

A certain serenity emerges from this trend, but without forgetting a certain audacity. Authentic shapes are back in fashion but still have their charm.

Wedding 2022

A trend with a country feel, where flowers mix with greedy fruits and wild herbs. A sunny and peaceful atmosphere of an Indian summer.

Genesis – Collection Autumn-Winter 2022-2023

In a hyper-connected world that has become complex, the simplest things tend to become a refuge value. Consumers are going back to conquer nature: shapes, colours, smells… Everything is a pretext for a return to the roots, far from urbanism. The fine details of the flowers and corals produced by Mother Nature and the shades of orange attract attention, complemented by a khaki that draws its palette from the foliage.

Natural – Collection Autumn-Winter 2022-2023

In today’s urbanised, concrete environment, everything is a pretext for a return to the Earth. Flowers are given pride of place and become more prominent, while burgundy settles in to create
a soothing atmosphere. Terracotta reassures and allows us to keep a link to the earth and reflects the increasingly sought-after craftsmanship. Khaki, always present, satisfies everyone’s desire for nature and escape by bringing a dose of chlorophyll.